Second Grade Programs

Have you ever wondered how we find out what happened in Ancient China?

In this exciting hands-on program, Pat Young will introduce your class to the world of Chinese archaeology. 

The students will "read" an antique Chinese robe as an artifact, demonstrate their map skills, draw Chinese characters ...  

And even meet Qin Shi Huang Di, the First Emperor of China. 

They will discuss how archaeologists explore the wonders of Ancient China including the Great Wall in a new multi-media presentation. 

Then the fun begins! Working in small groups, the students will become archaeologists and excavate Chinese inventions, art works, and more. 

It's fun for everyone!  An experience to remember!  

Virginia SOLs:  Social Studies 2.1

Program Research & Design

Pat Young combined her many travel experiences in China with extensive research and the expertise of two local archaeologists to develop this unusual 
and active look at Ancient China.

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What are teachers saying about this program?
"My favorite part? Seeing and hearing the joy of discovery!"     Tallwood ES, Virginia Beach
"We look forward to this all year!"    Simonsdale ES, Portsmouth

Experiential Learning Programs are:

One hour in length

Designed to be taught in your classroom.

$80.00 per class plus $15.00 travel fee per day

Maximum enrollment  25 students per class

Minimum 2 back-to-back classes

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